"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Innovation Council

The Eleanor’s Legacy Junior Board, called the Innovation Council, was formed in late 2017 with a small group of committed young women looking to amplify the mission of recruiting, training, and funding pro-choice Democratic women throughout the state of New York.

Our Innovation Council holds quarterly meetings, social events throughout the year, and receives special opportunities free of charge to further their skills, such as workshops with UCB Theatre, and specialized trainings by seasoned professionals from winning local and national campaigns. All members commit to volunteering for women candidates and holding small dollar fundraisers.

If you’re a young professional passionate about New York state and local politics, looking to get involved, learn new skills, and expand your network, join us!

Innovation Council In Action!

In 2018 Our Members:

  • Joined a series of free-of-charge workshops to enhance their public speaking skills with UCB Theatre.
  • Volunteered for candidates like Shelley Mayer, Anna Kaplan, Jen Metzger, Karen Smythe, Tish James, Alessandra Biaggi, and Jessica Ramos.
  • Signed up for a free evening of conversation with Governor Howard Dean and Karine Jean-Pierre
  • Volunteered at our annual events, such as our Spring Breakfast, Fall Luncheon, and Hamptons Reception, getting to hear from women leaders like US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, US Senator Tammy Baldwin, New York Attorney General Tish James, Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul, Higher Heights founders Kimberly Peeler-Allen and Glynda C. Carr, Congresswoman Barbara Lee, US Senator Mazie Hirono, and many more.
  • Raised critical funds through a partnership with Lingua Franca NYC, as well as hosting wellness events (a yoga evening and a spa day!), happy hours, and a mini golf classic.

Interested in being a part of the Innovation Council?

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  • Faye Wattleton served as President of @plannedparenthood from 1978 - 1992. She was the first African American person to head the organization, the first woman since Margaret Sanger, and the youngest person elected to head PPFA. She is a Registered Nurse who earned her Master’s of Science in Maternal and Infant Care from Columbia University. During her presidency, she transformed @plannedparenthood into a politically engaged entity while also dramatically increasing its range of healthcare services. Thanks to Faye’s work, so many women (and all people) have been able to access care, no matter what. #BlackWomenLead #NYWomenLead
  • Constance Baker Motley was a woman of firsts. She was the first black woman appointed to the federal judiciary, the first black woman elected to the New York State Senate, and the first black woman (and woman) to serve as Manhattan Borough President. In 2018, we named our special initiative, the #BakerProject, in part after her and her legacy of firsts. #BlackWomenLead #NYWomenLead
  • We’re v much here for New York women helping each other lead. Now do like @juliannemoore says and vote for @yuhline_niou! 🗽 #NYWomenLead

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