#NYWomenLead Celebration

Celebrate all the women who made the blue wave happen on January 8, 2019 in Albany!

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eleanor's legacy events

Eleanor’s Legacy Events

Become a member of Eleanor’s Legacy today and participate in Eleanor’s Legacy Events. Join us to recruit, train, and fund a new generation of pro-choice Democratic women leaders at the state and local level across New York State.

Ride the Big Bull for Feminism!

Come celebrate the Blue Wave by riding the Big Bull on Thursday, 12/13. Hosted by Steph Campanha Wheaton, Sophie Nir, & Allegra Scheinblum.

Mini Golf Classic

Join our Innovation Council on Thursday, Oct 11 for happy hour followed by mini golf with gorgeous views of the Hudson River and lower Manhattan.

Girls Rule! Happy Hour

Join Innovation Council members Elena Sorisi, Tara Klein, Sarah Sanchala, and Maya Kurien for a happy hour in celebration of pro-choice Democratic New York women.

Stretch + Sip

Join us the evening of Monday, September 10, to restore and rejuvenate just in time for the state and local primaries.

Take Action, Be in the Action

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Support our efforts to recruit, train, and fund pro-choice Democratic women across the Empire State.


Run For Office

Learn how to formulate a campaign strategy specific to your political race and individual goals.

Campaign Schools

Support Our Mission

Join the movement to recruit, train, and elect the next generation of Democratic women leaders across New York State.