Volunteer for a Woman Candidate!

August 14, 2017 - November 7, 2017

New York City Council Candidates

Adrienne Adams
District 28, Queens
Contact: Tricia Callender, 917-238-4419

Carlina Rivera
District 2, Manhattan
Contact: 646-504-2365
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Diana Ayala
District 8, East Harlem/Bronx
Contact: friendsofdianaayala@gmail.com
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Marjorie Velazquez 
District 13, Bronx
Contact: Maceo Torres, maceo.torres.trujillo@gmail.com
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Rachel Honig
District 4, Manhattan
Contact: Milsa Stein, mshonigfornewyork@gmail.com
For more information, visit Honig for New York.

Nassau County

Laura Curran
Nassau County Executive
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Dutchess County

Robin Lois
Dutchess County Comptroller
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